Autism WNC Run/Walk, Asheville

What could be better than a charity run in Asheville, NC?  Please join me in the 2012 WNC Run/Walk for Autism on Saturday, September 29th.  It’ll be a blast!  There are fun options for everyone, with a 5K competitive and non-competitive run, a 1K recreational run/walk, and a Kids’ Dash.  Not to mention the many booths you can visit!  The event will be held at UNC Asheville.  All proceeds go to support programs and services of the Autism Society of North Carolina.

To participate in the event:  Click on the following link, Kylee Frye & Team and then click: Join Our Team.
To donate:  Click on the following link, Kylee Frye’s Donation Page and enter your donation amount.

Autism Consulting and Training, Inc. Team at the WNC Run/Walk for Autism 2011

Autism Consulting and Training, Inc. Team at the 2011 WNC Run/Walk for Autism . Join us this year!

Approximately 1 in 88 children have been identified as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Those with an ASD average $4,110 – $6,200 in additional medical expenses.  Not including medical costs, interventions for children with an ASD cost an average of $40,000 – $60,000 per year.

Autism Society of North Carolina supports community services, vocational rehabilitation programming, supported living homes, and advocacy programs.  I hope you will join the Autism Consulting and Training, Inc. team with me and participate in the WNC Run/Walk for Autism event.  If you cannot make it, you can still show your support by sponsoring the team with an online donation.  Friends, this is a fantastic opportunity to join and help your community!

So, please, join me!

Resources:  US Government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention & the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, Autism Consulting and Training, Inc., and the Autism Society of North Carolina & the WNC Run/Walk Event pages.

The Autism Society of North Carolina is an over 40 year old non-profit organization that helps over 6,000 families in NC.

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  1. Bebaa Reply

    We are in the process of rgiesdening our web site to contain this sort of information. We would appreciate links and information from parents to share groups, organizations, businesses, doctors, places of worship, etc. that are autism-friendly. We will set up a special section for such information. Please keep coming back to check our progress! We are very excited about improving the site and our ability to share information with parents like you!We also have a group on facebook you can find it by searching Autism Society of Forsyth County. We also have a parent support group that meets the first Friday of each month (that would be this Friday) at the Panera Bread on Cloverdale/Miller St. from 9:30-11:00. You can also email us at .

    • Kylee Frye Reply

      Thanks! I’ll be sure check out your pages. If I speak with any families in your area, I’ll let them know about your support group. Hope your sites are successful.

    • Charlotte Reply

      Although I haven’t been affected by autsim in my immediate family, I have friends and students who have, and I know what a huge challenge it can be to navigate daily life as an autistic individual, so it’s amazing to hear about the work of Autism United!Geoff Kgkaufmanss@yahoo.com

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