Kids Create New Year’s Resolutions

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Children: the sweet creatures who beg to stay up late only to slumber in a pile of party hats long before the ball drops at midnight.  A couple of weeks into January, it’s not too late to make plans for 2013.  Turn the dreaded New Year’s Resolution into a family conversation.  Here are some ideas:

Let’s express gratitude more frequently in 2013.  Need a start:  Write thank you cards to Santa, family, and friends for holiday blessings.  Be sure to set an example by sending your own thanks.

Let’s be a healthier family this year.  It’s completely appropriate to work together as a family to build healthy habits.  Create concrete choices for little ones:  I resolve to brush my teeth every day.  I will choose to pack water instead of sugary drinks in my lunchbox.

Let’s show respect to our home.  It’s never too soon to start teaching organizational skills.  Even toddlers can sort toys or shoes.  Target resolutions that are easy to manage.  Are shoes in their place or in middle of the floor?

Young Artists New Year's Resolution Drawings at the Creative Arts Preschool

Young Artists New Year’s Resolution Drawings, Creative Arts Preschool at the Asheville Performing Arts Academy

My Creative Arts Preschool students created their own New Year’s resolutions after we discussed the concept in class.  It’s amazing how quickly those bright young artists understood the idea and started creating their own ideas!  One student quickly exclaimed, “I want to help people!”  Too often we underestimate the empathy children can develop if given the opportunity and genuine examples.

See these links for more ideas on how to make creating New Year’s Resolutions a family friendly function:
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